Nurture with Natives


     Nurturing Nature Nursery is a woman owned business sprouted many years ago out of a love for nature and took root in 2013.  My name is Lori and to keep a long story short, I have always dug in the dirt for as long as I can remember.  Self-taught and worked at a local greenhouse for a few years.  Knowing that there was so much more for me to do in this lifetime...but what?  Worked the regular 9-5 job, losing that 9-5 job and eventually going to school for business management  
    During the time in school. I worked on a 70 acre farm whose owner was so into native plants.  Native plants I thought, they are just pretty weeds!  I had a chance to go to a local church who was having a guest speaker, Douglas Tallamy, a professor and entomologist    After listening to Mr. Tallamy's lecture, my eyes were wide open!  I realized that this was what I am to do, help the pollinators and people!  
So here I am running a small nursery and still working part-time.  It's a lot of hard work, but when you have a passion in life, it's so worth it!  Every plant is like a baby to me,so much love goes in to each plant I supply.
I will ship plant east of the Mississippi. Email for current availability and pricing.   Thank you.

Extensive root       systems