Nurture with Natives

Who We Are

A retail native plant nursery growing shrubs & select perennials indigenous to the mid-atlantic region and the U.S.. 
Dedicated to supplying and educating consumers on the importance of how native plants play an important role in the ecosystem.  
Pollinators need our help! Plant native plants!

Why Plant Native ?

Native plants are an important food and shelter source for native pollinators!
These plants are acclimated to our climate conditions and soil. Extensive root systems make for no extra watering when established.
Native plants are an excellent start towards sustainable gardening.
**Educational links are posted on Pollinator StewardshipTab**

Our Plants

Our plants are propagated vegatatively or are seed grown and are never uprooted from the wild. Taking from the wild depletes or takes away habitats and food sources.
Perennials and shrubs are container grown in quart,  1, 2 or 3 gallon pots, some larger depending on variety.
**Shipping to all states east of the Mississippi Mid Apr-June, Sept-Mid Oct.

Please email for availability and pricing.**